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The Kinonedelja (Kino-Week) newsreels represent Dziga Vertov's first contribution to cinema. A total of 43 issues, each containing an average of 5 to 7 different items, were produced between May 1918 and June 1919. Vertov joined the newsreel's ranks as a secretary but by the fall of 1918 had taken on full responsibility for the series. The Austrian Film Museum holds prints of 14 clearly identifiable issues of the Kinonedelja series. The films provide an invaluable record of life in the young Soviet Russia, then in the throes of civil war. Within the framework of the EFG1914 project, and continuing its recent tradition of publishing important works by Dziga Vertov in digital form, the Film Museum has made its complete Kinonedelja holdings freely available online in 2012. The publication of the Kinonedelja – Online Edition marked the first presentation of moving images on the Film Museum's website. For the online presentation, the Viennese collection is complemented by additional digitized Kinonedelja issues and fragments held by the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen and the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm.

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Kinonedelja No. 1

Issue Date: 20.05.1918
Video Duration: 7 min 55 sec
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Kinonedelja No. 3

Issue Date: 15.06.1918
Video Duration: 8 min 51 sec

Kinonedelja No. 4

Issue Date: 25.06.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 8 sec

Kinonedelja No. 5

Issue Date: 02.07.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 46 sec

Kinonedelja No. 17

Issue Date: 24.09.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 21 sec
From the Collection of the Danish Film Institute

Kinonedelja No. 21

Issue Date: 22.10.1918
Video Duration: 7 min 39 sec

Kinonedelja No. 22

Issue Date: 29.10.1918
Video Duration: 10 min 28 sec

Kinonedelja No. 23

Issue Date: 05.11.1918
Video Duration: 6 min 9 sec

Kinonedelja No. 24

Issue Date: 19.11.1918
Video Duration: 8 min 34 sec

Kinonedelja No. 25

Issue Date: 26.11.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 26 sec

Kinonedelja No. 28

Issue Date: 17.12.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 5 sec
From the Collection of the Swedish Film Intitute

Kinonedelja No. 29

Issue Date: 24.12.1918
Video Duration: 7 min 4 sec
From the Collection of the Swedish Film Institute

Kinonedelja No. 31

Issue Date: 17.01.1919
Video Duration: 10 min 20 sec

Kinonedelja No. 32

Issue Date: 24.01.1919
Video Duration: 6 min 51 sec

Kinonedelja No. 32

Issue Date: 24.01.1919
Video Duration: 2 min 25 sec
From the Collection of the Swedish Film Institute

Kinonedelja No. 33

Issue Date: 31.01.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 22 sec

Kinonedelja No. 34

Issue Date: 07.02.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 48 sec

Kinonedelja No. 35

Issue Date: 14.02.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 49 sec