Kinonedelja No. 28

Issue Date: 17.12.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 5 sec
From the Collection of the Swedish Film Intitute

1. Moscow: Recently a test of "Požarogas", the fire extinguishing system developed by the engineer Šeftal', was organized in the insurance department of the Soviet Food Council. For this purpose a house was set on fire. / 2. Nižnyj Novgorod: Soviet forces continued to transport goods along the Volga temporarily due to the military situation. Provisions are stacked on the banks of the Volga. / Filled with cargo for the cities and warehouses. / At present, grain bound for Moscow is being loaded. / 3. Pskov: Pressured by our forces, the Germans have evacuated the large provincial capitol of Pskov. / 4. The n-th Army Front: At the front lines, the struggle of the Soviet Republics continues unabated. The enemy does not sleep and we must watch him vigilantly. Scouts are out on reconnaissance. / The Red forces can rest assured – They maintain reliable and vigilant lookout stations and the enemy is not able to surprise them.


From the Collection of the Swedish Film Institute