Kinonedelja No. 1

Issue Date: 20.05.1918
Video Duration: 7 min 55 sec
1. The Moscow Union of Metal Workers celebrates the centenary of Karl Marx's birth. / A speech by the Soviet Peoples’ Commissar, Comrade Lenin. / Lev Trockij, the Peoples’ Commissar for Military Affairs, reviews the parade. 2. Orša: Refugees return to a province formerly occupied by the Germans. / Refugees at the demarcation line. / Lined up to receive passes. / In Orša, the border between the Russian and German-occupied areas runs through the railway station. / Negotiations between the Russian and German forces. / Due to the shortage of train cars, refugees must wait for weeks to be sent home. 3. Moscow, May 9: The case of P.E. Dybenko comes before the revolutionary tribunal. / The tribunal. / Tribunal chairman Berman. / Comrades Štejnberg and Egorov, counsels for the defense. / The prosecutor, Comrade Krylenko. / The former Peoples’ Commissar Pavel Dybenko, the accused. / Dybenko at Narva. 4. Kursk: Comrade Podvojskij, the Peoples’ Commissar for Military Affairs, at a Red Army parade. 5. Petrograd: The Chairman of the Finnish People's Delegation, Manner, who fled to Russia. 6. Moscow: People strolling in the Virgin-Field (Devič'e pole). / A toy stall.