Kinonedelja No. 21

Issue Date: 22.10.1918
Video Duration: 7 min 39 sec
1. Moscow, October 13: The Workers' Club named after V.I. Lenin is opened. 2. The “Jar”, a palace for the workers. 3. An auto-trolley is tested at Kursk Station under the supervision of the head of the military inspectorate, Comrade Podvojskij. 4. Borisoglebsk: Soviet mills, processing up to 8,200 tons of grain daily. 5. The Peoples’ Military Commissariat (VOEN) departs from the city of Saratov toward Chvalynsk, protected by the warship “Saratovec” and a military torpedo vessel. 6. Vitebsk: Regional military commissar N.I. Muralov oversees maneuvers. / Cavalry attack. 7. Gžatsk: General military inspection headed by Comrade Muralov.