Kinonedelja No. 3

Issue Date: 15.06.1918
Video Duration: 8 min 51 sec
1. The Peoples’ Commissar for Food Rationing, Comrade Cjurupa. / The Peoples’ Commissar for Rationing in the Southern territories, Comrade Šljapnikov. / Head of the Army Rationing Committee, Zusmanovič. 2. Intelligensia working on farms behind the Butyrsk construction site. / Planting cabbage. / Townspeople plant potatoes in a large field. 3. Lunch for the unemployed in exchange for labor. / A meal costs one ruble and ten kopecks. 4. I.G. Cereteli arrives in Moscow in the capacity of the delegate from the Caucasus. 5. Vladivostok: Commander of the counter-revolutionary forces in Siberia, Admiral Kolčak. 6. Moscow. June 8: Wounded Russian prisoners of war return from German captivity. / Disembarkation. / Loading the wounded into ambulances. / Wooden shoes for our prisoners in Germany. / Armbands on tunics and greatcoats testify to the repression suffered by Russian officers of the 10th division in the Hannover region. / Head commander of the Soviet Army in the Northern Caucasus, Comrade Avtonomov. 7. Petrograd: The Revolutionary Tribunal. Murder trial for O. Kokošin und A. Šingarev. / The accused, Kulikov and Basov. 8. The new Brjansk Station in Moscow. / The central platform for passengers. 9. A children’s festival held by the Peasant Soviet in the village of Mitišča. / Who is stronger?