Kinonedelja No. 23

Issue Date: 05.11.1918
Video Duration: 6 min 9 sec
1. Moscow: A Group of revolutionaries led by S.T. Muralov, Preobraženskij, Peče and Berzin. 2. Funeral for a Hungarian Red Army soldier fallen in battle with the White Guard. / An orphaned comrade-in-arms. 3. Orša: Touring the region with military commissar, Comrade Muralov. / Distributing agitational literature to returning prisoners of war. / Demonstration led by Comrade Torgovanov of the military inspectorate. 4. Gžatsk: The Red Army garrison has a cinema, a club and a library. 5. Smolensk: Refugees passing through Smolensk are provided with medical care.