Kinonedelja No. 33

Issue Date: 31.01.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 22 sec
1. With due pomp, Moscow buries its heroes, Comrade Kikividze and Comrade Vedernikov. 2. The estate of Princess Šachovskaja in Povkrovskij-Strešnevo, with its antique gallery full of rare treasures, will be turned into a museum for the people. 3. Moscow: In accordance with a municipal directive, Moscovites clean the streets and sidewalks. 4. On the way to the front, the train carrying Comrade Koževnikov does constant battle with snowdrifts in its path. 5. During the retreat from Char'kov, Soviet troops dismantle a bridge over the Voluj river on Comrade Sivers’ orders. / On Comrade Koževnikov’s orders, a wooden bridge is built next to where the demolished bridge stood.