Kinonedelja No. 25

Issue Date: 26.11.1918
Video Duration: 5 min 26 sec
1. Moscow: Dedication of a monument to the poet Kol’cov. “Today we dedicate a monument to the ‘red-blooded’ proletariat poet Kol’cov.” (From the speech of Comrade Kamenev). / Next to the Kol’cov Monument, the monument to Nikitin was erected. 2. Berlin: The Russian embassy. / The head of the department of diplomatic couriers, Comrade Akkerman. / Embassy secretary, Jakubovič. / The ambassador’s personal secretary, Comrade Joffe. 3. Vitebsk: A military parade during the celebration of the first anniversary of the revolution. / Parade of the armed forces. / Freedom Square. 4. In the coming days, Moscow will see the publication of “The People in Arms”, a newspaper from the Department of Mass Education. / “We need an army of three million! We shall have an army of one hundred million! Everyone will be enlisted!” / Read “The People in Arms”.