Kinonedelja No. 24

Issue Date: 19.11.1918
Video Duration: 8 min 34 sec
1. Moscow: The Sixth Extraordinary All-Russian Congress of Soviets. 2. Red officers graduate from Alekseev Military Academy. / Comrade Podvojskij addresses the young officers. / Comrade Kamenev. / Comrade Dsevaltovskij, first commissar of the Military Academy. / Comrade Sverdlov. 3. At the initiative of Comrade Kamenev, a building was erected. / The architect, Volnuchin. / A military parade was part of the opening celebration. 4. Comrade Kamenev, head of the Sovdep, dedicates a monument. / Unveiling of the Robespierre Monument. 5. Orša: On the occasion of the German revolution. Soviet border guards congratulate their German comrades for liberating themselves from the bonds of monarchical slavery.