Kinonedelja No. 34

Issue Date: 07.02.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 48 sec
1. Revolution demands sacrifice. Fallen Comrades Majorov, Račickij and Lindov died honorably. / Comrade Majorov. 2. The Ukrainian peace delegation in Moscow proposes the unification of the Polish-Ukrainian directorate with the Ukrainian Soviet government. / Chairman of the delegation, Comrade Muzurenko. / Senior secretary of the mission, J. J. Jaroslav. / Commander of the mission and leader of the “Blue Jackets” Division, G. N. Šachvorostov. 3. A monument to Danton has been erected close to the Marx-Engels monument. / Mostavenko, a member of the soldiers’ and workers’ Soviet, speaks at the unveiling. 4. The town of Valujki. Following the German withdrawal, the town is now occupied by Comrade Koževnikov’s troops. 5. The town of Menzelinsk was taken by Comrade Kal’nickij and 40 partisans. 6. The removal of snow drifts. / A village covered in snow. / Children take advantage of a brief lull to run to school.