Kino-Pravda No. 18

Probeg kinoapparata v napravlenii sovetskoi deistvitelnosti 299 metrov 14 min 50 sek

(A Movie-Camera Race over 299 Metres and 14 Minutes and 50 Seconds in the Direction of Soviet Reality)

Issue Daten: February 1924 (Premiere: February 25, 1924)
Video Duration: 13 min 51 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: Goskino
Head editor: Anatolii Goldobin
Photographed by: Petr Novitskii, Grigorii Lemberg, Mikhail Kaufman, A. Dorn
Intertitles: Dziga Vertov, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Ivan Beliakov
Length of existing print: 290m
Up the Eiffel Tower in Paris / Moscow / Auto race Petrograd – Moscow / Aspects of everyday Soviet life / Peasant from Jaroslavl' visiting Moscow / Ceremonial introduction of a newborn into a workers' collective

Glossar / Kommentare

Gustave Eiffel Died on December 27, 1923
Komsomol Acronym for The Union of Communist Youth, country-wide organization of politically active young non-Party members.
Octobering A naming ceremony which occurred during the early era of the Soviet Union, which involved giving a name to a newborn, introduced by the state on the official basis of Marxist–Leninist atheism as an attempt to replace the religious tradition of christening.
Smychka A political term in Soviet Russia meaning "alliance," most often used in reference to the "alliance of the city and the village" (between workers and peasants)
[Banner:] Hail to the Moscow Soviet upon the completion of the building for its constituents
(Moscow Soviet = Moscow City Council)

06:31–06:34 / 06:40–06:44
"The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition" [sic!]
"The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition" is false – the title refers to the All-Russian Agricultural and Craft Exhibition
[Intertitle:] Komsomol
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