Kino-Pravda No. 16

Vesennjaja pravda. Vidovaja liričeskaja chronika

(Spring Pravda. A Lyrical View Newsreel)

Issue Daten: May 1923 (Premiere: May 21, 1923)
Video Duration: 26 min 24 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: Goskino
Length of existing print: 541m
Arts and crafts exhibition / Actions against hunger / Eisenstein's "Dnevnik Glumova" / Young Pioneers / May 1, parades

Glossar / Kommentare

Glumov's Diary In this issue, Vertov included Sergei Eisenstein's first film Dnevnik Glumova (Glumov's Diary) which he produced for the staging of Aleksandr Ostrovskij's "Na vsiakogo mudretsa dovol'no prostoty" ("Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man") in April 1923 at the Moscow Proletkul'ttheater.
(Directed by: Sergei Eisenstein; Cinematography: Boris Frantsisson; With: Grigorii Aleksandrov, Vera Ianukova, Maksim Shtraukh, Aleksandr Antonov, Sergei Eisenstein)
RCP The Russian Communist Party
Smychka A political term in Soviet Russia meaning "alliance," most often used in reference to the "alliance of the city and the village" (between workers and peasants)
[Banner:] On May Day, the day of workers' struggle and victory, we salute the Third International
[From left to right:] Hindenburg, the Viceroy of India, Mussolini
[Banner:] Labor is our joy / Thank you for your care, workers and peasants!
[Banner:] Hail the Communist Youth International
[From left to right:] Fascism, Amsterdam (referring to the "Amsterdam International", the Social Democratic International Federation of Trade Unions, which the Comintern considered as an impediment to revolution)
[From the top down:] Baku, Groznyi, Fergana, Emba
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