Kino-Pravda No. 14

Issue Daten: Premiere: January 29, 1923
Video Duration: 13 min 47 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: Goskino
Photographed by: Footage showing the Profintern by Vasilii Bystrov
Edited by: Elizaveta Svilova
(Moving) Intertitles: Aleksandr Rodchenko
Length of existing print: 289m
IV. Congress of the Comintern / Congress of the Profintern

Glossar / Kommentare

Comintern Communist International, an international communist organization that advocated world communism
Goskino Russia's state film production company. In December 1922, its predecessor, the VFKO, was abolished, and Goskino set up in its place
Khiva City located in Xorazm Region, Uzbekistan
Profintern Red International of Labor Unions (RILU), international body established by the Communist International with the aim of coordinating Communist activities within trade unions
Commentary: The 4th World Congress of the Communist International was an assembly of delegates to the Communist International held in Petrograd and Moscow, between November 5 and December 5, 1922. The 2nd World Congress of RILU was held in Moscow at the same time.
Mentioned delegates Soviet Russia: Leon Trotskii, Karl Radek, Grigorii Zinov'ev, A. Lozovskii; Germany: Friedrich (Fritz) Heckert, Clara Zetkin; France: Gaston Monmousseau; Great Britain: T.J. Watkins; Czechoslovakia: Jan Pavlik; Italy: Angelo Tasca

[Addition on Banner:] Down with nationalist discord
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