Kino-Pravda No. 13

Oktjabr'skaja Pravda. Včera, segodnja, zavtra. Kinopoema, posvjaščennaja Oktjabr'skim toržestvam

(October Pravda. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. A Film Poem Dedicated to the October Celebrations)

Issue Daten: November 1922
Video Duration: 36 min 32 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: VFKO
Intertitles: Aleksandr Rodchenko
Length of existing print: 755m
Fifth anniversary of the October Revolution

Glossar / Kommentare

Communist International (Comintern, known also as the Third International, 1919–1943) An international communist organization that advocated world communism
Map The following cities and rivers can be seen on the map presented in this issue:
Top left: Нижний [Новгород] – Nizhnii [Novgorod]
[River flowing through: Волга – Volga]
To the east: Казань – Kazan'
Further east: Пермь – Perm'
River in between: Кама – Kama River
South of Nižnij: Пенза –  Penza
South of Penza: Саратов –  Saratov
South of Kazan': Симбирск – Simbirsk
Southeast of Simbirsk: Самара – Samara
South of Samara: Уральск – Ural'sk
In between: Сызрань – Syzran'
East of Samara: Уфа – Ufa
On the right side: Екатеринбург – Ekaterinburg
Encircled: Чехословаки – Czechoslovaks
[Figure:] Socialist Revolutionary Chernov (here referred to as "Our Lady of the Peasantry") holding Kolchak in his arms, with a sign saying: "Every tenth worker and peasant must be shot." The figures in the upper corners are Iudenich and Denikin.
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