Kino-Pravda No. 1

Issue Daten: June 5, 1922
Video Duration: 11 min 02 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: VFKO
Length of existing print: 230m
Starving children / Requisitioning of valuables possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church / Fundraising flights in support of the hungry / Trial of the Socialist Revolutionaries

Glossar / Kommentare

All-Russian CEC All-Russian Executive Committee
Gokhran State Depository
Trial of the Socialist Revolutionaries Political trial in the Soviet Union held in Moscow from June 8 to June 13, 1922. 47 Socialist Revolutionaries were brought to court.
Russian famine Severe famine in Russia which began in early spring of 1921 and lasted through 1922. This famine killed an estimated 5 million.
Theodor Liebknecht Brother of Karl Liebknecht (German socialist and a co-founder with Rosa Luxemburg of the Spartacist League and the Communist Party of Germany. Murdered 1919)
VFKO All-Russian Photo and Film Section
To Vandervelde: Minister, when will you sit in the Tribunal's dock?
To Liebknecht: Cain, Cain, where is your brother Karl?
Death to the murderers and traitors!
[Banner:] The red elephant won't be scared by the yapping of the yellow pugs of the 2. and the 2½. International.
[Commentary:] Refers to the "International Working Union of Socialist Parties" (IWUSP; also known as 2½ International or the "Yellow International"), which Theodor Liebknecht had co-founded, and on behalf of which he participated in the trial together with Vandervelde. Pursuing a strictly anti-Bolshevik policy, this organization was a fierce opponent of the Communist International (Comintern) launched in 1919 in Moscow.
[Banner:] Greetings to Nos. 2 and  2½

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