Kino-Pravda No. 23

Radio Pravda

Issue Daten: 1925
Video Duration: 20 min 03 sec
Directed by: Dziga Vertov
Produced by: Goskino (Kul'tkino)
Photographed by: Ivan Beliakov, Mikhail Kaufman
Animations: Aleksandr Bushkin
Length of existing print: 413m
A peasant buys a receiver at the radio shop / Instructions to attach an antenna / Developing a broadcast station / The broadcasting of a concert.

Glossar / Kommentare

All-Russian CEC All-Russian Executive Committee
Kult'kino Documentary department of Goskino headed by Vertov
Smychka A political term in Soviet Russia meaning "alliance," most often used in reference to the "alliance of the city and the village" (between workers and peasants)

[From left to the right:] Self-induction spool / Spring – detector – lever / crystal – capacitor
Radio is a newspaper without paper and distance. [Lenin quote]
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