Kinonedelja No. 35

Issue Date: 14.02.1919
Video Duration: 8 min 49 sec
1. Comrade Rakovskij, the chairman of the Soviet Peoples’ Commissars of the Ukraine. / Chairman of the Soviet Peoples’ Commissars of Latvia, Comrade Stučka. 2. City of Nesviž: While the city was still occupied by the Germans, a Communist underground movement was in operation and managed to seize power in time for the arrival of the Soviet troops. / The castle of Prince Radzwill, formerly the headquarters of the German High Command, was taken by a unit of the Frontier Guard. / Military Commissar of the Frontier Guard, Comrade Braude. / Power was transferred to the Soviet of Workers’ and Peasants’ deputies and an executive committee was elective. 3. Minsk: The murders of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg caused uproar among the citizens. / The Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Comrade Petrov, delivers a passionate speech at the demonstration. 4. Balašov: Comrade Trockij, at the front with his followers, visits the border. 5. Liski Station: Reserve units depart for the front to replace their wearied comrades. 6. Gučkov is arrested by the Petljura militia while travelling from Kiev to Odessa.