Kinonedelja No. 31

Issue Date: 17.01.1919
Video Duration: 10 min 20 sec
1. Moscow: Funeral of the special commander of the Moscow division, Comrade Jašvili, who was killed at the Southern front. / A speech by Comrade Muralov. / Comrade Jašvili’s division. / The new commander of the division, Comrade Kazakov. 2. Moscow: Fire in the workshop of the Kursk railway station. 3. Snow storms. A snow storm raging in central Russia closes the railroad. 4. Kušva, Perm’ province: Comrade Zinov’ev among the forces battling on the Perm’ front. / Advancing to positions. / Prisoners of the White Guard. / In a sea battle in the Baltic, the torpedo boat “Spartak” was taken prisoner by Comrade Raskol’nikov.