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Contents are listed in both their original language and English and German translations. Translations follow the scientific transliteration standard.

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The Objects Search includes several options:
You can search for documents related to one film, e.g. Search for all documents related to "Kinoglaz".
You can search by classification or type of the document, e.g. Search for all "posters".
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The Films Overview alphabetically lists films* by and about Dziga Vertov; the number of documents solely or primarily related to the film in question is given in brackets.

The holdings of the Austrian Film Museum's Library can be accessed directly from the link Literature on Dziga Vertov in the Library.
* Please note: Some film titles appear in the literature in different spellings. This concerns i.a. the use of hyphens (Kino-Pravda vs. Kinopravda / Kino-Nedelja vs. Kinonedelja etc.) This should be considered in the search process.