V 165

Vystuplenie na konferencii operatorov periodiki, Mart 1952 g. (Rede auf einer Konferenz für Kameraleute der Wochenschau, März 1952)
Vertov's lecture is connected to his work as newsreel director for Novosti dnja [News of the day] in the 1950s. Generally, in this field of work it is required that the individual subjects of the newsreel should stand for themselves. Although it is correct, says Vertov, that a) a plethora of material and information, b) clever technique and c) improved communication between the central newsreel studio and the peripheries do contribute to making the subjects seem "fair", "partisan" and connected to one another, nevertheless the most important element in their design is the script.
Classification: Manuscript/Typescript
Type: Presentation
Date: 1952, März
Tapematerial: Paper with Typewriting
Original / Reproduction: Original
Comments: Even for short scenes, so-called "microworlds", Vertov recommends having a 'microscript' (despite the fact that, in the 1920s, he was the most famous proponent of a documentary cinema without a script), because it can ensure - and here Vertov does remain true to himself - that one can do work dynamically and cinematically rather than statistically and photographically.

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