V 158.I

Dorogoj Serg. Appol ... (Dear Serg. Appol ...)
A long hand-written letter to Sergej Apollinarievič Gerasimov, who from 1944 to 1946 had been director of the Central Documentary Film Studio. Vertov - here, as so often, writing about himself in the third person - complains about the unfair treatment he has received at the hands of his employers. He doesn’t “do” anything himself any longer, things are "only done unto" him; for a long time now, work has had nothing to do with talent, but only with how one can "organise" one's talent and which labels can be attached to oneself as an artist. Taking as his example "Kljatva molodych" ("The Oath of Youth"), the film which elsewhere Vertov had described as "not corresponding to his artistic intentions", he tries to show just how much his hands were already tied in his artistic and creative endeavours.
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Correspondence
Date: 1944 (?)
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Original

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Kljatva molodych
(Der Schwur der Jugend / The Oath of Youth)