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"Tebe, front!" Konstrukcija N 1 (Konstruktion Nr. 1)
One of three diagrams colourfully drawn by Vertov for his wartime film "Tebe, front!" This montage plan emphasises the special significance of the image-sound relationship. The image is placed in the left column and the sound in the right one. The film begins with the separation of the two protagonists: Džamil', who has been called up to the army, bids farewell in uniform from his wife Saule, who is staying behind at home and who works in a mine.
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Other publications:
Deutsche und englische Übersetzung und Faksimilierung im Katalog: "Die Vertov-Sammlung im ÖFM". Abgedruckt auch in: Drobašenko 1966, S. 243.
Date: 1942
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: The document evidently shows a treatment that was finished before shooting began, although many sequences correspond to the film. Unfortunately, today we are familiar - according to Vertov - only with a butchered version of the picture.

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