V 145

Podvodnaja lyžajka (Wiese unter Wasser)
Draft "Skazka o velikane. Kusok dna na ladoni ruki velinkana" ("The Fairytale of the Giant. A Piece of Land on the Palm of the Giant")
Draft of a film that was never made, but which Vertov wanted to make for the children's studio Detfil'm. The single paragraphs are titled: "Meadow under Water", "Sea", "The Realm of Eternal Night", "At a depth of 500 Metres" and on the second sheet "At a depth of 300 Metres, "At a depth of 50 Metres" and "Surface of the sea".
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Other publications:
Deutsche und englische Übersetzung im Katalog "Die Vertov-Sammlung im ÖFM.
Date: 1940
Tapematerial: B/W Photo
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: In November 1939 Vertov had been moved to the studio Detfil'm, and took on the new challenge with élan, although many of his suggestions were rejected. For this film he could even do some screen tests. For this purpose he had storyboard drawings made by Michail Tjunov.