V 142

"Tri Raboty" ("Three Works")
"Three Works", which was sent as a proposal to the Studio Detfil’m, comprises the projects "Ženščina" ("Woman", later realized as Kolybel'naja), the reworking of "Tri pesni o Lenine", as well as "Tvorčeskaja laboratorija" ('Creative Laboratory').
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Other publications:
Abgedruckt in: Drobašenko 1966, S. 193.
Date: 1936. November
Tapematerial: B/W Photo
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: It was a matter of organising the work on three parallel projects, at a time when Vertov had less and less opportunity to work on his films. Under point 7 of the project "Ženščina", the following sentence is underlined twice: "Now we must find a place to work". Point 3 of the "Creative Laboratory" project also lists the problem of "premises".