V 013

Drug bodryj... (Freund, fröhlicher)
Autographed manuscript of a poem, dated below left "IX/21g." (September 1921).
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Poem
Other publications:
Deutsche und englische Übersetzung im Katalog "Die Vertov-Sammlung im ÖFM".
Date: 1921, September
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Original
Comments: It remains unclear to whom this poem was dedicated. In 1921 Vertov did have a liaison with Ol'ga Toom, after that with Svilova. Since the Russian Word for torment ("muk" does here rhyme with the word for hand ("ruk") reference to both Toom (a pianist) and to Svilova (an editor) is plausible.