V 005

Kino-nedelja 5-go nojabrja 1918, No. 23 (Kino-nedelja of 5 November 1918, No. 23)
On the upper part of the sheet is a hand-drawn model for the logo of the Moscow Film Committee of Narkompros of the RSFSR: three stylized smoking factory chimneys within a Maltese cross (the mechanism which forms the basis of the stroboscopic effect in cinema projection). In the lower part is a title design for "Kinonedelja No. 23".
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Other publications:
Als Faksimilie abgedruckt und kommentiert in: Tsivian 2004, S. 39.
Date: 1918
Tapematerial: Photocopy
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: The "i" in "Kinonedelja" (a "Latin" "i") does not correspond to the way in which Cyrillic letters are written today - it derives from the orthography that was current before the spelling reform of 1917.

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