V 003

Mag izyskannyj... (Exquisite Magician)
Unpublished document, cycle of six consecutively numbered, personal poems, strictly metrical and rhymed, as well as two unnumbered poems by Vertov, including "Mag izyskannyj" ["Exquisite Magician"], "Vesna nerovnaja" ["Irregular Spring"] and "Vesennij satana" ["Spring Satan"]. This poem is not written in Vertov's own handwritings but Svilova's and dated 1917 in more than one point.
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Poem
Date: 1917 (?)
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Original
Comments: The lyrical tone and the frequent reference to spring reminds one of Vertov's "Kinopravda No. 16 - Vesennjaja Kinopravda" [Spring Kinopravda], which is complete, apart from titles and intertitles. Dating it to 1917 might be correct, because old orthography was used in the poem.