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Der Moskauer Filmregisseur Dsiga Werthoff
This is the announcement for the Western European premiere of "Čelovek s kinoapparatom".
Classification: Press
Type: Article
Journal / Book: Hannoverscher Anzeiger
Date of publication: 4. Juni 1929
Tapematerial: Photo from Print
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: It was held not in Berlin, but in Hanover, since El Lissitzky and his German wife Sophie Küppers made the contacts during Vertov's tour of Germany. Sophie Küppers came from Hanover, where her first husband had been the director of the Kestner Society for years. Instead of projecting onto the screen, Vertov projected into the dome of the planetarium.

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Čelovek s kinoapparatom
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