V Pe 038

Eye of Svilova, in whose pupils a portrait of Vertov appears
Photo-montage which - according to Svilova - Vertov made with the help of Svilova's right eye. The portrait of Vertov using illumination from below may derive from the series of photographs designed by Aleksandr Rodčenko. That would date the photo-montage to 1931, more likely even 1929.
Classification: Photo
Date: 1929 (?)
Tapematerial: B/W Photo
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: The same photo-montage can be found (according to Thomas Tode) in the book by Margarita Tupitsyn: "El Lissitzky. Jenseits der Abstraktion." Katalog Sprengel Museum Hannover: Schirmer und Mosel 1999, p. 139, ill. No. 74. There it was described as a sketch for Kino-Eye, a not published book by Dziga Vertov, 1929. From the collection Manfred Heiting, Amsterdam.