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The "Kinonedelja" was a Newsreel, released weekly, altogether 29 issues in the year 1918, with an average length of 180 Meters. One issue contained usually 5,6, sometimes even 7 different topics including news from the frontlines of the civil war, information about manifestations, filmic portraits of activists and functionaries.
Classification: Film
Type: Film by Vertov
Date: 1918
Tapematerial: Film 35mm pos.
Comments: The ÖFM has prints deriving from 14 clearly identifiable editions of "Kinonedelja". The source was the Svenska Filminstitut, whose curator, Anna-Lena Wibom, had discovered the newsreels in the depot of the Swedish television in 1967. In 1973, the Film Museum acquired a set of positive prints from Sweden, with the proviso that the films should not initially be publicly screened. This copy has norwegian intertitles. See also "Kinonedelja - Online Edition" (vertov.filmmuseum.at/en/kinonedelja)

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