Fi 001

Subtitle: on its First Reconnaissance: First Episode of the Cycle "Life Off-Guard". Produced by Goskino, Premiere in Moscow 25 October 1924.
Classification: Film
Type: Film by Vertov
Date: 1924
Tapematerial: Film 35mm pos.
Comments: Planned as a six-part-documental-series, in order to demonstrate the "Life Off-Guard" concept. In the end only the first part was realized. Settings of the movie include a pioneer camp, the market and a mental home. For reasons which are unclear, most prints come with an extra two minutes of footage at the end, which looks like a trailer for two films released later. Since this footage can not be part of the original Kino-Eye, it makes sense to omit it when screening. A first viewing showed this part of the print to be editing or surplus material relating to the films "Kinoglaz", "Kinopravda Nr. 23" (Radio-Kinopravda), "Šagaj, Sovet!" sand possibly "Šestaja čast' mira".

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