V Ar 002

Vertov supervises the loading of an agit train, 2/6
This series of six photographs derives from a film sequence.
Classification: Frame Enlargement
Date: 1920, ca.
Tapematerial: B/W Photo
Original / Reproduction: Reproduktion
Comments: The scene is also referred to the cinematic Vertov portrait "Mir bez igry" ("World Without Play", 1966) by Leonid Machnač. Vertov can here be seen in what is evidently already a leading supervisory role and also as a smoker. The reports of the work of the agit trains that exist in the Vertov files of the RGALI in Moscow range from 22.4.1919 to 2.11.1921. At the latest from 1920 onwards, Vertov worked as the director of the cinema wagon within one of the agit trains, usually on the train called the October Revolution. In 1921 he was appointed director of the whole network if agit trains. His identification card as a director of the film department of the agit trains is dated 3.2.1921.

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Mir bez igry
(Welt ohne Spiel / World Without Play)