V 152

"Tebe, front!" Konstrukcija N 2 (Konstruktion Nr. 2)
One of three diagrams colourfully drawn by Vertov for his wartime film "Tebe, front!" This montage plan emphasises the special significance of the image-sound relationship. The image is placed in the left column and the sound in the right one. The second of Vertov's diagrams for "Tebe, front!" The elements shown in relatively large writing on the left-hand side are "coal", "fish", "oil" and a "song".
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Date: 1942
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Original
Comments: The document evidently shows a treatment that was finished before shooting began, although many sequences correspond to the film. Unfortunately, today we are familiar - according to Vertov - only with a butchered version of the picture.

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