V 063

Baza dlja nastupajuščich kino-apparatov (Basis for future movie cameras)
Hand-drawn sketch and lists, consecutively numbered from II to IV. I is evidently missing. II begins with a sketch with: World proletariat and World capital, Unemployed, Workers, NEP, Bread, Things, Land, Hospital, Prostitution, Prison, Begging, Mental hospital, Theft, Mortuary. III decribes five subjects: 1) The subject of bread, 2) The subject of things, 3) The subject of visible fusion [Tema nagljadnoj smyčki], 4) The subject of health and well-being, 5) The subject of the camera (as a "means of implementing the ideas of Leninsm"). IV concerns the visual plan [zritel'naja schema] and describes 20 scenes (incl. sunrise; people, animals, things; impressions of the ordinary eye; impressions of the camera; time at a standstill).
Classification: Handwritten Diagram or Document
Type: Notes
Other publications:
Deutsche und englische Übersetzung im Katalog "Die Vertov-Sammlung im ÖFM".
Date: 1924 (?)
Tapematerial: Paper with Handwriting
Original / Reproduction: Original
Comments: In this part Vertov's ideas on the significance of the camera ("Decoding of the visible world") and on the physiology of perception should be emphasised. A very interesting document, which is evidently related to the film Kinoglaz (1924) which is about the subjects of bread and health, among other things. Accordingly, the handwritten dating of the year to 1926 would not be correct.